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Most days I’m building, flying and filming all over the Pacific Northwest. I source parts, assemble, and configure custom drones. Being able to build allows me to keep pushing the boundaries of flight! First Person View (FPV) drones are capable of technical flying with tricks similar to skateboarding. I was a finalist in the 2021-2022 International Game Of Whoop 3 (IGOW3) drone trick competition.
This experience with advanced flight lets me focus on the subject and getting the shot.

I was Director of Photography (DP) for an independent film, “The Last Sunrise: An Executioners Tale” that screened to a sold out Pickford Film Center. Next you’ll find me as DP shooting the upcoming “Salty Sirens” short film.
As it goes in film many of my most prized shots are under wraps until they’ve made their respective project’s debuts. So be on the lookout for a lot more exciting flight on the way!

If you’d like to see more videos check out my Youtube channel –